6 Best YouTube Channels to Learn Investing and Stock Trading in 2022

Yes, you should watch trading videos on YouTube if you don’t know what you don’t know, especially if you’re new to trading. Also just to mention a few good channels to you, like Adam Khoo, Humbled Trader, The Trading Channel, Wysetrade. These are in my opinion, great channels for you to get your feet wet and to learn the basics of trading.

best youtuber for stock market

If you’re looking for popular videos about finance, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 15 must-watch YouTube channels that can help you maximize your financial future. Akshat Shrivastava through his YouTube channel provides meaningful content on the lines of business and investment. Their educational articles are supplemented by their YouTube channel, which has educational videos that explain key concepts.

Trade With Trend – 216K Subscribers

However, to gain financial freedom it takes research, commitment, some friendly advice, and an income. These channels are the best at making money and teaching how to make money. Several playlists are made under the category “We Study Billionaires”, so if you are into that (Who wouldn’t be?), check out the channel. The first step in Investment even if it is in cryptocurrencies, is to ask the right questions. Read this article on the Best YouTube Channels to Learn Investing and you will get all your answers. Their video on how to run the numbers on a rental property before you invest has well over 1 million views.

This Youtube channel is exclusively dedicated to beginners and covers all the basics that someone starting out in the stock market needs. Based in the U.S, this channel has probably the biggest following on this list with more than 200 thousand followers. Preston Pysh channel teaches investors how to invest like the legendary investor Warren Buffet and has more than 15 million views. In 2021, we saw the stock market rise to unexpected gains, despite all the issues that the year brought. Against all odds, the average investor made a profit, and some of the most important stocks raised to new highs, and 2022 might bring even more profits for those who are patient and make their due diligence. Have you ever considered making a brand persona for your YouTube channel?

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Stock investment insights & stock trading strategies by Devesh K Sinha, B.E known lovingly as DK explains viewers profitable trading and investment opportunities in today’s stock markets. If you want to get involved in day trading stocks, then Warrior Trading YouTube channel might be the channel to watch for you. Started by Ross Cameron in 2013, the channel offers complete courses in day trading with on-demand educational courses and tools for day traders, as well as community support.

With more than 7 million views since the creation of the channel in April 2017, Young And Investing have one of the biggest following in this area. If you have any doubt you can contact directly the creator, Quinten through his personal email. There is a lot of information online and in books about the stock market and how to make intelligent investments, but Youtube channels seem to be where most investors get their information from.

Who is the No 1 investor in world?

Warren Buffett: Do the Research

Warren Buffett is widely considered to be the most successful investor in history. Not only is he one of the richest men in the world, but he also has had the financial ear of numerous presidents and world leaders.

Instead, you can spend that time searching for new keywords in the Keyword Inspector Tool. In addition to driving organic traffic to your content, there are also several paid options for promoting your video on YouTube. In this section, we’ll dive into some of the basics on how to run a YouTube advertising campaign. The demographics the solutions team report helps you understand your audience by reporting on their age and gender. You can then break down age groups and genders by other criteria such as geography. This report will help you better market to your YouTube audience and understand if your content is resonating with your established buyer personas.

Smart Trader – 185K Subscribers

Sunil Minglani is a known expert on behavioral aspects of Stock Markets who has now decided to apply same human principles in life transformation and mentoring. Sunil has rich experience in analyzing stock and chart patterns which he has co-related with human psychological patterns at a deeper level. As Desai and Singh share their trading screens, you get to see the exact charting layouts, software and market scanners they use. You might also qualify for a free bonus BOWS Trading Kit that includes a playbook and introductory course. Click here to learn how to do magic tricks like a pro in a few simple steps. Competition on YouTube is stiff, but you can get an insight into how you can compete based on your strengths.

One of the top keys to building wealth is learning money-saving hacks and pocketing more cash. However, this takes some guidance—and one of the best places to learn is the BuzzFeed Nifty channel. Check out Nick Loper’s YouTube Channel for some great content on how to make more money. If you ever dreamed of driving for Uber or Lyft, flipping furniture for profit, or starting a blog, this channel is for you. In the digital age, there’s no shortage of folks on YouTube eager to help people like you take control over your financial situation.

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Even seasoned traders consult with other successful traders to get fresh ideas and learn ways to make their trading more profitable. Many brokers now offer paper trading or demo accounts funded with virtual money that you can open to check out their trading platform and services. You don’t have to make a real money deposit to open a demo account, and it gives you the opportunity to practice trading and test strategies. You can get started by reviewing our list of the best online stock brokers below to find the right broker to fit your needs.

Young and Investing is a channel that specializes in Cryptocurrencies. Quinten is the guy who tells you all about portfolios, tutorials, risks in online investing, and more. Along with cryptocurrencies, you will also have a hold on investing knowledge after watching the Young And Investing YouTube channel. If you are trading alone, the Investors Underground is made for you. Learn from some of the best traders in the world by watching interviews of the heroes on the scene.

One Big Happy Life lays out steps you need to take to get your life together in 2019. Guiterrez trades stock with a blindfold on during his BirdBox challenge. Cruze outlines the seven steps you should take to build a debt-free lifestyle this year. This channel can help you learn all about getting out of https://forexanalytics.info/ debt, how to have fun without overspending, and how to cut your regular purchases and give yourself an automatic raise. SeedTime Money YouTube channel has a specific mission and a very specific audience. They aim to help consumers keep more of their hard-earned dollars by leaning on biblical principles.

best youtuber for stock market

Ishfaaq Peerally has a great Youtube channel where he discusses key concepts about investing as well as his stock picks. Cameron Stewart is one of my favorite channels about stocks valuations. ‘Invest In Present For Better Tomorrow.’ They also make the content audience-friendly, with Hindi as their primary language in their videos. Is a digital financial services company that allows you to trade your way with access to a team of professional advisors to assist you in owning your financial future. Email us the type of bloggers you want to reach out for your marketing campaign at We’ll share blogger’s data in an Excel or CSV format. He is a frequent guest on CNBC, and his work is regularly featured on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money television show.

Does your company have a relationship with another company that has a great YouTube presence? Collaborating with others is a fun way for both channels to gain exposure to another audience. There are a lot of options to creatively collaborate with other brands, just make sure that their audience and goal are similar to yours. The Day Trade to Win channel was started in 2008 and features videos on how traders can trade the E-mini, futures, Forex, stocks, and numerous other markets by using Price Action Day trading. This channel is very famous among active traders and investors want to learn stock market in India. Ryan Scribnermakes videos for people who want to start investing their money.

The channel also presents Investopedia profiles on key market commentators, participants and analysts, as well as providing commentaries from important players and broker reviews. The channel also hosts live debates from time to time, such as the ‘Great Crypto Debate’. Five playlists on the channel cover; cryptocurrency and blockchain, and financial markets and analysis, as well as three feature shows. These are the David Rubenstein show, Real Yield, and Brilliant Ideas. With detailed reviews on brokers and educational material, be sure to follow Finance Illustrated if you are trading the markets.


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